February 2015  
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New School Update

Welcome to Jennie Moore Elementary School for the Creative Arts!

​  Glad you stopped by! Have a look around. Check out the link to our new
m btrfly  building. Only one more year before we move! In the meantime, visit us at our current location. There's plenty of creative fun going on! 


Parents! Would you like to learn more about the upcoming state tests?
View a PowerPoint presentation that will help.  

Peri tips
   Nose woes?
   Stomach issues?
   Try a mint and use a tissue!

Monarch Movers

Join the Monarch Movers Walking Club! We meet on Tuesday mornings at 7:00 AM. It's a great way to wake up and get going! Visit the PTA website for more info.

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   Also look for us on Facebook.

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Congratulations, Ms. Felder
image on being named

       South Carolina PTA's        Outstanding Elementary
       Principal of the Year!!


     small Jennie                       
      Who was Jennie Moore?
       And why is our school named after her?
                  (Click her picture to find out!)