Homework has begun and will always be in the front pouch of your child's BEE notebook. Here is a schedule of what to expect.

Monday- Letter of the Week

Tuesday- Math or Handwriting

Wednesday- Poetry Homework

Thursday- Reading A to Z (please keep this until Monday. Having your child practice reading the book several times will help them build fluency)

Friday- No Homework

In addition to the daily homework (which should take no longer than 5-10 minutes) we ask that your child read or be read to each night. Please record the book(s) in the reading log. When your child fills up his/her reading log she gets a special prize.

Important Reminders Regarding Homework
                * Please write in pencil and color with crayon. Markers and pens are fun, but not the best tool for homework. 
                * PLEASE allow your child to do the writing and drawing themselves. It is okay to demonstrate how to do something on a seperate piece of paper, but allow them to do the work that they turn in themselves.
                * Turn in homework the following day. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule and you are not always able to get to things in time, but please let us know by sending an email or a note. Otherwise, your child will be required to complete their homework during center time. 
                *If possible, please do not do homework during dinner or breakfast. Food will inevitably find its way onto your child's paper or notebook.